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Online advertising through pay-per-click ads is one of the most popular forms of marketing techniques used by millions of small and big business owners.

However, in recent times, running an effective PPC advertising campaign is becoming an uphill task for the marketers as it runs the risk of click fraud, a serious threat where various techniques are employed by the fraudsters to deplete your paid marketing budget. Click fraud detection isn’t an easy task and this problem is acuter for the average business owners with lack of funds, expertise, and advanced analytical tools required for detecting click fraud.

Difficulties in click fraud detection for average business owner

Here we are discussing some of the reasons why average business owners find it difficult to prevent click fraud-

  • Lack of time and funds

For any small-sized business, the primary goal is to grow the online business by getting more customers and business opportunities. Most of their excess funds are deployed towards the advertising campaigns for the growth of the business. In such a scenario, to detect click fraud and finding methods for click fraud prevention becomes hard for the average business owners due to lack of time and funds.

  • Lack of requisite knowledge

Although marketers are actively looking for the signs of click fraud detection, and have been reaching out to search engines such as Google to detect click frauds; they lack the requisite knowledge about the click fraud detection. Identifying and preventing the click frauds need the expert understanding of the complex way the search engine algorithms work.

One of the best solutions for an average business owner to prevent click fraud is outsourcing the services to an expert click fraud detection service provide such as AdTector. Not only they have the right analytical tools to detect click frauds, they can effectively mitigate the problem as well.

  • Click fraud detection requires advanced analytical tools

Average business owners neither have the expertise nor advanced analytical tools to detect click fraud and the ways to prevent them.

Tips to Prevent Click Fraud

Other than hiring experts such as AdTector to detect click frauds, below are some of the tips to do the same-

  • Change your campaign

As a small business owner, if you’re using Google AdWords to run the online pay-per-click campaign, alter your campaign targeting strategy to prevent click frauds. For e.g.: exclude the particular location if you are getting high level of click fraud from a specific location.

  • Focus on tracking everything

One of the simple and effective ways to prevent click frauds is effectively tracking your metrics. Such metrics tracking will allow you to understand the Google’s interpretation of clicks and how many of them are fraudulent or scam.

  • Exclude specific IP Addresses

Although difficult, if you can get your hands on the IP addresses from where the fraudulent clicks are coming from, creating IP exclusions in the AdWords account for such IP addresses prevents click fraud.

  • Switch to paid Social Networks for PPC Advertising

Using social network like Facebook or Twitter for the paid advertising is an effective click fraud prevention strategy. Since the PPC ads on paid platforms are linked to relevant keywords, it gets difficult for the fraudsters to target such ads.

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