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Click fraud prevention optimizations you should consider doing in your Adwords account!

Although click fraud is a very valid concern for the PPC advertisers, avoiding the route due to fearfulness of click fraud isn’t advisable either. Considering the massive size of the click-fraud industry and the kind of losses it is causing to the online campaigns and businesses, it is essential to take requisite measure for click fraud prevention.

Wait, what is Adwords click fraud?

Have you been hearing a lot about the companies and their PPC management campaigns becoming victims of the Adwords click fraud recently and wondering how can you protect yourself? Well, here we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the click frauds, how to detect the click fraud, and the effective ways to deal with the issue. Adword click fraud is, in fact, a serious concern of the online advertising business. The magnitude of the problem is such that many companies are discovering that almost half of their billed-for ads are generated by fraud non-human traffic.

The real damages of click fraud schemes

As an online business owner, you must have been using the paid advertising, the popular pay-per-click model to get the desired website traffic. In fact, PPC model is a big part of the online business campaigns of the business owners. However, as much attractive the prospects may seem for this online advertising model, the reality is that the industry is far from smooth for the advertisers and business owners. Click fraud is a serious threat to the revenues and online campaigns of advertisers. Although the fraud was prevalent since the beginning of the online paid searches, it’s only recently that the magnitude of the click fraud issue increased exponentially.

Online Russian fraudster offers fake clicks service on your competitors Google ads

The already shaken online advertising market due to the prevalent click frauds got a serious jolt when Russian hackers stated offering fraud clicks services called GoodGoogle targeting the competitors Google ads. What is even more bizarre is that these Russian fraudsters are not only running the fake clicks service but also promoting it in videos on Google’s YouTube and openly using Gmail accounts to correspond with the prospective customers.

Why it is impossible for the average business owner to prevent click fraud?

Online advertising through pay-per-click ads is one of the most popular forms of marketing techniques used by millions of small and big business owners. However, in recent times, running an effective PPC advertising campaign is becoming an uphill task for the marketers as it runs the risk of click fraud, a serious threat where various techniques are employed by the fraudsters to deplete your paid marketing budget. Click fraud detection isn’t an easy task and this problem is acuter for the average business owners with lack of funds, expertise, and advanced analytical tools required for detecting click fraud.

How to get a refund from Google for invalid clicks?

Google has an efficient system in place that identifies all the invalid clicks and impressions and subsequently removes them. As soon as the Google determines that the ad clicks are fake, spam, or invalid, it automatically filters them from the reports and payments so that the click frauds are prevented and the brand is not charged for those false ad clicks. Furthermore, if somehow the invalid Adwords clicks escape the Google’s automatic detection, the brand may be eligible to receive credit for those clicks.

How Google fights against click fraud and why it's not enough?

One of the common concerns amongst online advertisers these days is the possibility of invalid clicks Adwords by the competition exhausting not only their AdWords budget but also sabotaging their entire business. This kind of Adwords Click fraud involves:

  1. Fake clicks that lead to zero conversion

  2. Sudden manual clicks intended to increase someone's advertising costs

  3. Clicks and impressions by automated tools such as robot, or other deceptive software

  4. Manual clicks intended to increase profits for website owners hosting threads

How does your click fraud prevention service exactly work?

Are you worried about the success of your PPC campaigns and want to ensure that your online business campaign is safe from the much prevalent click fraud scams? Well, with AdTector as your click fraud prevention partner, there is no need to worry anymore. At AdTector, we have the expertise in stopping the Adwords click fraud automatically. We efficiently detect the click fraud and integrate with your Google Adwords & Bing Ads campaigns to provide you adequate click fraud protection.

How can I know if my competitor is clicking my ads?

Internet Marketing is a fierce space with a large number of players out there trying to make their mark and get the attention of the prospective customers. However, it is important to realize that whatever business you are in, there is a probably a rival out there. As soon as the competitors or malicious elements lose the sense of healthy competition, there arise the possibilities of click frauds which can sabotage your business completely.

Famous click fraud lawsuits cases

Click Fraud is an alarmingly big industry putting thousands of online advertisers to great risk. If the numbers were to be believed, the estimated global ad fraud earning for the advertisers is close to $16.4 billion this year alone. Millions of dollars are at stake in some of the most famous lawsuit cases related to click fraud. Here we are discussing few of them.

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