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One of the common concerns amongst online advertisers these days is the possibility of invalid clicks Adwords by the competition exhausting not only their AdWords budget but also sabotaging their entire business. This kind of Adwords Click fraud involves-

Fake clicks that lead to zero conversion

Sudden manual clicks intended to increase someone's advertising costs

Clicks and impressions by automated tools such as robot, or other deceptive software

Manual clicks intended to increase profits for website owners hosting threads

  • How Google fights against click fraud?

Google has a sophisticated procedure for click fraud detection. The click fraud prevention procedure that Google uses include following steps-

They help protect advertisers from any fake or invalid traffic by working to isolate and filter out potentially invalid interactions before they ever reach your account reports.

Every single interaction on an AdWords ad is examined by the Google by analyzing numerous data points such as the location, the IP address, and the time of the interaction, any duplicate interactions, and various other interaction patterns.

Google has advanced algorithm system then analyzes these factors to try to isolate and filter out potentially invalid interactions.

When Google detects invalid interactions on advertisers ads, it automatically filter these out of the reports so that they're not charged for them

Furthermore, if Google finds that any fake or invalid interactions have somehow escaped their automated detection; they give the advertiser credit for these interactions after taking all the detailed information.

  • Why Google’s fight against click fraud isn’t enough?

Although Google takes some strict measures to safeguard the interests of businesses by detecting and preventing click frauds, it is not enough for the below reasons-

Google, as the largest search engine, is responsible for click fraud detection for millions of Google users and there are chances that hackers or malicious automated software designed for click fraud manage to skip Google’s fraud detection system

Considering the massive size of the online industry, it is not fair to be dependent entirely on Google for every single online click fraud detection

To claim a refund from Google is a cumbersome process where the advertiser must submit the extended analytical report with all the details of suspicious click fraud activities to get the refund process initiated

  • What is the solution in such a scenario?

If you’ve been looking for an alternative, it is best to hire an expert click fraud monitoring service such as AdTector. We have the expertise in not just monitoring your ads; we also have the advanced analytical tools to understand the algorithms, and detecting the click frauds.

We offer the following specialized services for click fraud detection-

24* 7 Services for IP, User Agent, and Device ID monitoring

Custom anomaly detection rules

Detailed and transparent click reports

An option to recover your lost money

Easy contract option and money-back guarantee

AdTector is a one of the best click fraud prevention service in the world that can save your brand from fraudsters eating up the advertising budget and effectively block any chance of future suspicious clicks as well.

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