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Are you worried about the success of your PPC campaigns and want to ensure that your online business campaign is safe from the much prevalent click fraud scams?

Well, with AdTector as your click fraud prevention partner, there is no need to worry anymore. At AdTector, we have the expertise in stopping the Adwords click fraud automatically. We efficiently detect the click fraud and integrate with your Google Adwords & Bing Ads campaigns to provide you adequate click fraud protection.

AdTector is a one of the best click fraud prevention service in the world. We have the expertise in not only saving your brand from fraudsters eating up your advertising budget but also in blocking any chance of future suspicious clicks as well.

If you’ve been wondering how your click fraud prevention service, exactly works, below are the major pillars of our services-

  • 24*7 Services for IP, User Agent, and Device ID monitoring

With us, your PPC ads will be constantly and closely monitored for proxy servers. AdTector’s never sleep robots are equipped to detect and block the malicious ID’s based on various indicators as mentioned above. Our advanced algorithm technology enables us to actively monitor the suspicious website traffic within no time

  • Custom anomaly detection rules

To safeguard your online advertising campaigns, you can personalize the detection system for your business to ensure only potential customers see your ads. Using AdTector’s relentless algorithm, your online campaigns will be safe with instant detection of any suspicious or fraud activity

  • Detailed and transparent click reports

We are committed to providing you the access to a complete and transparent view of each and every click on your ads, including all the essential information such as location, IP address, ISP, the keyword used and device ids. We provide a solid protection shield to your account with every single detail you need to safeguard your business interests.

  • An option to recover your lost money

In case, you suspect any suspicious activity and your account getting charged for fake clicks, there is an option of requesting the money from Google. However, the process is long and overwhelming with too much of information required by Google to initiate a refund. We, at AdTector, make this process simpler for you. With our comprehensive data reports and connection with AdWords Anti-Fraud department, we can refund the money directly to your account balance.

  • Easy contract option and money-back guarantee

We, at AdTector, believe in providing transparent and efficient services to the clients in the form of straightforward contracts with monthly subscription option and a 100% money back guarantee if you do not see immediate reduction in the invalid click rates

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