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As an online business owner, you must have been using the paid advertising, the popular pay-per-click model to get the desired website traffic. In fact, PPC model is a big part of the online business campaigns of the business owners.

However, as much attractive the prospects may seem for this online advertising model, the reality is that the industry is far from smooth for the advertisers and business owners.

Click fraud is a serious threat to the revenues and online campaigns of advertisers. Although the fraud was prevalent since the beginning of the online paid searches, it’s only recently that the magnitude of the click fraud issue increased exponentially.

Understanding the real damages of click fraud schemes

Click fraud happens when a fraudulent user with no intention of buying a product or making any inquiries about the service either clicks an ad with the malicious intent of causing a website financial loss. The click Ad fraud comes in various shapes and sizes and can differ depending on the type of advertising model used.

Below are some of the ways the click fraud poses a serious risk of damages to the businesses-

  • Financial loss due to increased average conversion cost

The first and foremost real damage of the click fraud on businesses is that it substantially increases their average conversion cost. The financial loss can be so extreme that some businesses have to take the decision of closing their PPC ads and campaigns altogether. This seriously affects the website traffic if the same is heavily dependent on the paid search traffic.

  • Skews the online data

Another major impact of the click fraud is that completely skews the advertising data making it difficult for the advertisers to make any sense of the business data and profitability of the business.

  • Slower the business growth

To detect and stop click fraud in time is necessary as it not only harms the growth of the business but it can often lead to the negative growth of the company as well. When the ad fraud becomes serious and starts eating up all the campaign budget without any lead conversions, businesses might be forced to shut down or turn to other forms of online advertising.

  • How to stop click fraud

It won’t be wrong to say that click fraud can have severe effects on businesses. In order to protect yourself from the risk of click frauds, it is essential to take the necessary measures. If you’ve been looking for an alternative, it is best to hire an expert click fraud monitoring service such as AdTector. They have the expertise in not just monitoring your ads; they also have the advanced analytical tools to understand the algorithms, and detecting the click frauds.

Using AdTector as your click fraud service, you can identify the root cause of the problem, effectively mitigate the risk and will be focusing more on running your optimized campaigns.

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