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Have you been hearing a lot about the companies and their PPC management campaigns becoming victims of the Adwords click fraud recently and wondering how can you protect yourself?

Well, here we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the click frauds, how to detect the click fraud, and the effective ways to deal with the issue. Adword click fraud is, in fact, a serious concern of the online advertising business. The magnitude of the problem is such that many companies are discovering that almost half of their billed-for ads are generated by fraud non-human traffic.

  • What is Adword Click Fraud?

Adwords click fraud is a fraudulent activity where there are intentional clicks on the pay-per-click ads, web content, or entire web page element for the purpose of increasing click revenue.

Click fraud is, essentially, a method of generating fraud ad impressions either by hiring people to manually clicking the ads to increase revenue or using non-human sources such as Botnets or automated software programs that automatically click on ads or web pages of the brands to create invalid clicks, impressions, and false traffic.

  • What is the motive behind the Adwords click fraud?

Considering the fierce competition in the online advertising market, click frauds are generally committed with the following intentions-

Sabotaging the competitors by exhausting their ad budget revenues and stealing their clients

Spoiling the advertising campaigns of the competitors

Boosting their own revenue by driving up the number of ad clicks on their websites

  • How to detect the click fraud?

Click fraud detection isn’t easy on your own especially when your focus is on expanding the business and not catching the fraudsters trying to hurt your campaign and reputation.

Although the best way to save yourself from the Adwords click fraud is to hire a click fraud detection expert such as AdTector, it is always beneficial to look for the warning signs that may indicate that you’re the victim of click fraud. Some of these click fraud detection methods are-

Check for any unusual peaks in impressions or the number of times your ad is reflecting in search engine results

If there is a sudden drop in the number of page views during peaks in impressions or clicks, there is a chance that you are a click fraud victim

If you notice no increase in the number of conversions during peaks in impressions or clicks

If you notice higher bounce rate i.e. number of people clicking the ad and then quickly going back to the search results page during peaks in impressions or clicks

Almost every company or brand invariably advertise on Web and search engine using pay-per-click (PPC) ads, making it essential to protect your campaign from frauds. If you’re a victim of click fraud, you need to either employ the click fraud detection methods or hire an expert who can identify and save you effectively from the Adword click frauds.

AdTector is a one of the best click fraud prevention service in the world. We have the expertise in not only saving your brand from fraudsters eating up your advertising budget but also in blocking any chance of future suspicious clicks as well.

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