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Although click fraud is a very valid concern for the PPC advertisers, avoiding the route due to fearfulness of click fraud isn’t advisable either. Considering the massive size of the click-fraud industry and the kind of losses it is causing to the online campaigns and businesses, it is essential to take requisite measure for click fraud prevention.

This fake clicks service scam is generally committed with the intention of sabotaging the competitors business by exhausting their ad budget revenues and stealing their clients.

  • How to exercise Click fraud prevention

Click fraud involves fraudulent, malicious, and fake clicking of the advertiser’s PPC ad to sabotage the business by increasing the advertising bills manifolds.

However, by being little cognizant and employing right click fraud prevention optimization techniques, the risk of the click fraud can be reduced substantially. Below are some of these techniques-

  • Make changes to your Ad targeting

As an online business owner, if you’re using Google AdWords to run the pay-per-click campaign, alter your campaign targeting strategy to prevent click frauds. For e.g.: exclude the particular location if you are getting a high level of click fraud from a specific location or if you suspect suspicious activity by the malicious elements committing clicks fraud, you can exclude their city zip code as well.

  • Switch to paid Social Networks for PPC Advertising

Using social network like Facebook or Twitter for the paid advertising is an effective click fraud prevention strategy. Since the PPC ads on paid platforms are linked to relevant keywords, it gets difficult for the fraudsters to target such ads. Furthermore, the benefit of using these platforms is that there are no third-party publishers involved in the process and ads will be published only on these platforms reducing the risk of click fraud.

  • Focus on tracking everything

One of the simple and effective ways to prevent click fraud is effectively tracking your metrics. Such metrics tracking will allow you to understand the Google’s interpretation of clicks and how many of them are fraudulent or scam.

  • Exclude specific IP Addresses

Although difficult, if you can get your hands on the IP addresses from where the fraudulent clicks are coming from, creating IP exclusions in the AdWords account for such IP addresses prevent click fraud.

  • Use different bid prices for content-targeted sites

One way to prevent click fraud is by limiting your exposure by controlling the placement of ads on specifically-targeted website relevant to your keywords.

To effectively prevent click fraud without worrying about multiple things, it is best to outsource this to expert click fraud detection service providers such as AdTector. Not only they have the right analytical tools to detect click frauds, they can effectively mitigate the problem as well.

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