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Internet Marketing is a fierce space with a large number of players out there trying to make their mark and get the attention of the prospective customers. However, it is important to realize that whatever business you are in, there is a probably a rival out there. As soon as the competitors or malicious elements lose the sense of healthy competition, there arise the possibilities of click frauds which can sabotage your business completely.

One of the common concerns amongst advertisers is the possibility of invalid clicks Adwords by the competition exhausting not only their AdWords budget but also sabotaging their entire business. This kind of Adwords Click fraud is, essentially, a method of generating fraud ad impressions either by hiring people to manually clicking the ads to increase revenue or using non-human sources such as Botnets or automated software programs that automatically click on ads or web pages of the brands to create invalid clicks, impressions, and false traffic.

  • Warning signs to know that you are the victim of Adwords invalid clicks?

Some of the signs that indicate suspicious adword clicks are-

Multiple clicks for same keywords in rapid succession leading to unusually high click-through rate.

When all the visits bounced spending almost no time on the site.

In case of such suspicious activities, it is best to go to Google Analytics and check the stats for the AdWords visits.

  • How to stop competitors clicking on my Adwords?

The Adwords invalid clicks concern often gets amplified if the businesses notice that they aren’t getting sufficient leads or sales from their AdWords spend budget. If you’ve been worried about the ways of stopping competitors from clicking your Adwords, below are some of the suggestions-

Google identification of Adwords invalid clicks

Google has an efficient system in place that identifies all the invalid clicks and impressions and subsequently removes them.

  • How does the Google’s Adwords invalid clicks identification works?

As soon as the Google determines that the ad clicks are fake, spam, or invalid, it automatically filters them from the reports and payments so that the click frauds are prevented and the brand is not charged for those false ad clicks.

Furthermore, if somehow the invalid Adwords clicks escape the Google’s automatic detection, the brand may be eligible to receive credit for those clicks.

  • Hiring a click fraud expert

Another way to know if your competitor is clicking your ads and exhausting your ad budgets is by hiring the expert click fraud detection service provider. AdTector is a one of the best click fraud prevention service in the world for identifying if someone is clicking your ads and effective ways to prevent the same. We have the expertise in not only saving your brand from fraudsters eating up your advertising budget but also in blocking any chance of future suspicious and invalid Adwords clicks as well.

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